Optimal nutrition and fitness you need, plus education.

It improves

your health

It helps you

achieve your goal

faster and safer

It improves

your self esteem

It improves

your looks

To simplify your life by creating a

new meal plan and new daily workout routine specifically for you.

Have you ever used or considered using, a mobile fitness program but found it was just not for you since you have unique needs?

So why aren't all nutrition and exercise programs based upon an individual profile?

Let me tell you about Maiyayo

It takes genius to master an individualized program and until Maiyayo no one else has considered doing this.

It sounds great, right?

Maiyayo has uniquely engineered it's nutrition and exercise program as a customized tool for you. It all starts when you join free of charge and complete a personal profile.

But Maiyayo does not stop there …

We monitor your weekly progress, analyze your results, send you weekly shopping lists, meal plan, workout and adjust next week's program to optimize results.

When we promise a customized routine, we mean just that - We continuously adjust your program to make sure it is working for you.

Something important you should know …

And if you have certain health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol we will create a specific program for you.

Maiyayo is absolutely the best tool to manage those health issues or prevent them all together.

Meet our team.

We are working for a healthy life for you.

Mylene Chifflet


Maiyayo Co-Founder

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María Alvear

Fitness Trainer and


Maiyayo Founder

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Joao Estanagel





Andrew Reid

NFPT Certified

Personal Trainer

Certified Spinning


Johann Pérez

Systems Analyst

Nareia co-founder

Sergio Bonilla

Systems Analyst

Software Developer

Diego Bonilla

Computer Engineer

Nareia co-founder

Micaela Perdomo

Systems Analyst

Software Developer

Victoria Rodríguez

UI/UX Designer at


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